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Burnley Caving Club welcomes new members of any age, ability or experience. We are particularly proud of our continuing record of introducing novices to the sport.

Membership of the Club is open to anyone who is prepared to accept and support the objectives of the Club and subscriptions are due annually.

If you are new to caving you don't have to become a member immediately. Novice trips are held regularly to enable people to try the sport. The club has stocks of caving gear available for loan and a practice tower at the club hut in Burnley.

Membership prices...

  • Currently £25
  • Social or non caving persons can join at a reduced rate of £10
  • Families consisting of up to two persons and two junior persons living at the same address can pay a reduced rate of £50
  • Persons aged sixteen years and under pay a reduced rate of £10
  • Persons who are unwaged or in full time education pay a reduced rate of £18

Benefits of joining BCC

Becoming a member of Burnley Caving Club has numerous benefits...

BCC was founded in 1950 and as such is one of the longest established caving clubs in the country. The BCC member benefits from membership of a long standing well respected caving club with a particularly good reputation for the development and training of novice cavers.

Access to BCC's caving equipment for loan to members. This includes ladders, ropes, SRT kits, oversuits, undersuits, helmets and lights. Other caving equipment is available for loan including ladder making and surveying equipment.

The use of the BCC library including books, logbooks, magazines, photographs, videos, maps and caving surveys. Most of the materials are available for loan to members, with the more fragile historical material available for reference. BCC subscribes to British caving magazines and other publications, giving members access to all current major caving publications.